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المجتمع هو جوهر ما نقوم به ونحن متحمسون للتواصل مع من يعملون في مجالنا.


سواء كنت مهتمًا بالتطوع أو العمل معنا ، أو لديك أفكار ترغب في مشاركتها أو تقديمها ، يرجى إعلامنا لأننا نتطلع دائمًا إلى التوسع.

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Volunteer with Mind Clarity

We can offer placements for students during their counselling and psychotherapy courses.


We have supported students with working with their course providors specifications and audits. We work with closely with students and ensure they feel supported and confident as they begin their counselling journey.

Please enquire here for more details.

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Work on our Multilingual Project 

As a result of recent funding opportunities, we are able to take on new counsellors to provide counselling in different languages at an affordable rate. 

We will cover supervision costs as well as provide some financial reimbursement for your time and support with this project. 

Please enquire here for more details.


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